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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh How I Love Tracking Numbers 

There are two things which I do greatly enjoy... tracking numbers... and complete collections. And as it turns out... when you buy complete collections of things over the internet, they get shipped with tracking numbers! Currently, I have two items winding their way to my doorstep:

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes: I bought it using Barnes & Noble because Amazon was out, and wasn't expecting to ship for several months... plus I have a Barnes & Noble membership, so I got 10% off which brought the price right in line with Amazon. I love Calvin & Hobbes. In fact, everyone on my instant messenger list knows how much I love Calvin and Hobbes because I use Stupendous Man as my avatar (and also Spaceman Spiff from time to time). I also have a cool rendition of Hobbes that someone did with him watching TV with a martini as my desktop wallpaper.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Chosen Collection: I confessed my admiration for the show some time ago... and now I'm going all the way with it. I'm outright buying the complete collection on DVD. Look down on me if you must... and maybe I've lost some of your respect (if I had any of it to begin with)... but if you think I'm alone... just know that there are a lot of smart people who share this secret obsession.

Update: Well... I got the Calvin and Hobbes collection today... and damn is that heavy! I'm sure glad I got free shipping with that.


I got the Calvin and Hobbes collection for x-mas. Heavy, but an awesome gift.

Also, my cousin did a replication of the "Hobbes" portrait that Calvin did.

In Book 3, page 81 ( as a picture for the poem ), my cousin made the Hobbes portrait that sits above Calvin's bed. That too made an AWESOME gift.

  Posted at January 12, 2006 12:54 AM by Blogger Kuflax  
any chance of getting that hobbes w/ martini wallpaper?

  Posted at January 12, 2006 10:35 AM by Anonymous rob  
Normally I wouldn't have an issue putting it on my server and allowing folks to download it... however... it is not something that I made. It was a wallpaper that I found at Calvin and Hobbes at Martijin's. If you're not aware, it was an incredibly well done C&H fan site with all sorts of great material.

Some time ago, Universal Syndicate contacted the owner of the site, and asked him to take down all his contect because he was violating various copyrights... and he complied. Because I'm not the original author, and because I don't feel like getting into a copyright infringement battle with Universal Syndicate, I really don't think it would be correct for me to post it.


  Posted at January 13, 2006 3:15 PM by Blogger Nick  
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