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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Absolutely Shocking 

I saw some video clips of this on the Today show first thing this morning and was pretty disappointed in the media. They've been hanging out in front of Alito's mom's house asking her lots of questions, among them is whether he is against abortion:

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito opposes abortion - just ask his 90-year-old mother, Rose.

"Of course he's against abortion," she said yesterday, after President Bush tapped the conservative judge for the high court - touching off a battle royale that will put the highly charged issue in the spotlight.

Absolutely shocking... a 90 year old Catholic mother believes her son is against abortion. That's not news folks. If you could find me a 90 year old Catholic mother who thinks her son isn't against abortion, now that would be news worthy. Actually, the whole thing is sorta sad. They're treating this woman like her son is a serial killer.

Banging on her front door sticking a microphone in her face asking whether her son is for or against abortion? Is this what the media has come to? For heavens sake, let her revel a little in the knowledge that her child has just been appointed to the highest court in the country. This sort of event doesn't deserve a doorstep interview. Did anyone even think about inviting this woman to a studio, allowing her to put on a little makeup and dress nicely, and maybe talk about her son a little in a nice way? Would that have been so wrong?

And does anyone else think it a bit foolish that what his mother is saying seems to have touched off a battle royale... while his actual decision can't justify the same battle? Do you think he calls mommy before he writes every opinion?


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