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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Porkbusting Is Easy 

Personally I much prefer chopping up my pork and having it on the grill. But serving it up for a roast on my blog is pretty tastey as well. Here in the great state of Wisconsin, the transportation bill has "gifted us" with a lot of useless spending. For some reason, we seem to be obsessed with pedestrian and bike paths, and they almost all seem to cost a $1 million or more. Not only that, but federal dollars are being thrown willy nilly at roads and highways that are clearly state or city roads. It's total insanity. Here is a run down on what I've found that is easy to cut (and I didn't even try that hard):

Develop pedestrian and bike connections that link to Hank Aaron State TrailMilwaukee$2.1 Million
Improve Superior Avenue: Interstate 43 to State Highway 32Sheboygan$1 Million
Construct a bicycle/pedestrian pathPortage$2.2 Million
Construct traffic mitigation signals, signs, and other upgrades for Howard AveSt. Francis$0.4 Million
Construct bicycle/pedestrian path and facilities in the Central park areaMadison$3.5 Million
Construct a bicycle/pedestrian path, Wisconsin DellsWis Dells$2 Million
Construct a bike and pedestrian bridge across STH100 at the 1800 block of S. 108th StreetWest Allis$0.3 Million
Build additional staircases, landscape, and other improvements at the Holton St. ViaductMilwaukee$0.8 Million
Construct a bicycle/ped path from Waunakee to WestportWaunakee$2 Million
Enhance West Silver Spring Ave with lighting enhancement, crosswalk improvements, signage, landscapingMilwaukee$0.4 Million
Construct North Shore Extension of Friendship State TrailWinnebago$0.35 Million
Construct a bicycle/pedestrian path, and two bridges across Starkweather CreekMadison$2 Million
Total$17.05 Million

By the way, Tom... I'll send you a bill for my 1% finders fee in a few days. I think $170,500 is reasonable for about 20 minutes worth of work don't you?

These pork projects seem to fall mostly in the domain of Rep. Tom Petri, and my own Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. Well gentlemen, how about cutting some fat?!

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