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Monday, September 19, 2005

Shades of 2003 

Alright, so the Chiefs managed to pull out a victory in Oakland last night, and are sitting on top of the division, and are 2-0. I ought to be absolutely thrilled... and I am. But this niggling feeling is sitting with me... these reminders of two years ago. The 2003 season started so hot for Kansas City. They won their first 9 games... and seemed to be destined for the Super Bowl. Then slowly things began to unravel. The defense just seemed to tank... and so did the playoffs. They had a first round bye... but then lost that next game to the Colts. All they had to do was make one defensive stop that game, but they couldn't.

Looking back on that season, you can see that the defense didn't just tank. They weren't that great to begin with. Many of those first 9 victories were seemingly pulled out of thin air... as my Packer cheering friends will attest to. Remember Dante Hall's 5 kick returns for touch downs? In short, they just got lucky.

I know it's still early in the season... but I'm getting those same vibes now. Granted the Jets game was a pretty big victory... but the Red and Gold were 32nd in passing defense that week. Not that stellar of a display. If not for a some lucky dropped passes, that game could have been much closer than it was. Last night the Chiefs passing defense was just as bad. If not for a muffed punt by the Raiders, or a questionable offensive pass interference call on Randy Moss... last night might also would have been quite different.

The Chiefs rushing defense is so far much improved, and there is a lot of speed. The defense has so far also been very dependent on big plays, just like 2003. I'm talking about fumbles and interceptions. Every defense loves to have them, but most defenses don't depend on getting them to survive. Most can stop you and make you punt now and then. Kansas City is not showing that sort of strength yet. So I'm a little afraid of what will happen at Mile High on Monday. Denver loves to bootleg, and the Chiefs are notoriously bad at handling it. You can only be lucky so many times. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


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