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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tommy Lee I'm Not 

Recently someone compared me to Tommy Lee. I won't go into the detail as to why... that's part of the fun of the post. But I did find the comparison rather intriguing... and have decided to investigate this possibility further.

NickTommy Lee
  • No tattoos.
  • No piercings.
  • Never had a restraining order against me.
  • Can't play the guitar. Hell, I don't think I've ever even picked one up.
  • STD free since 1978.
  • Graduated from college.
  • I make a good living, but I'm no millionaire.
  • More skin covered by tattoos then not.
  • More holes in his body then I can count on my hands.
  • How many restraining orders has Pam had against him now?
  • The man can rock.
  • So many STDs that they've mutated together to form super bugs that can eat through lead.
  • Does this count as going to college?
  • Enough money to do two chicks at the same time, and you know he has.

I also took this quiz recently just to see how much of a rock star I am:

You Are a Freedom Rocker!

You're stuck in the 70s - for better or worse
Crazy hair, pot soaked clothes, and tons of groupies
Your kind showed the world how to rock
Is that freedom rock?... Well turn it up man!


Methinks that can be but one Tommy Lee. He not thee. Thee not he.

  Posted at September 15, 2005 3:32 PM by Anonymous Ronald Rington  
Dang, as I was answering those first couple questions, I was thinking "please not the emo rocker". I got the emo rocker.

  Posted at September 15, 2005 4:06 PM by Blogger Steve S  
I've never heard of Tommy Lee playing a guitar, but I know he rocks out the drums. I've never heard of you playing the drums either... but a shot in the dark says that you don't quite rock the drums as well as him. ;)

On a side note, I get the occasional "hey you look like Sean Penn" - and politics aside, the way I can sleep with that thought at night is that there are FAR worse people to be compared to.

I for one would be pretty psyched to be thought of as similar to Tommy. Except for the whole VD thing.

  Posted at September 16, 2005 8:38 PM by Blogger Kuflax  
Yeah I know he's a drummer... but I figured I'd mention the whole guitar thing since I'm apparently a 70's freedom rocker.

I have at least picked up drum sticks and played the drums a couple times... not that I was any good.

  Posted at September 17, 2005 12:07 PM by Blogger Nick  
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