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Monday, August 22, 2005

The RINO Hunt Is On! 

Be vewy vewy qwiet... I'm hunting RINOs. Ahead over there... I spy our prey. I know that some people sang to the RINOs, and one person even suggested that perhaps I could lure the RINOs into the open for our hunt using interpretive dance. But, since this weeks edition is chalk full of linky goodness, I've decided to simply play the role man's best friend... and point through the tall grass.

All Things Jen(nifer) got an email from Christie Whitman where she's advertising an interactive chat with Sen. Arlen Specter. If you head over there today, you can still submit questions that he'll answer on the 29th.

The Unabrewer collects some posts that shows exactly where the priorities of the left seem to be. Makes perfect sense to me... you can collect campaign donations from the AARP, but have a harder time getting cash from the people of Dafur.

The Strata-Sphere thinks that Russ Feingold is sounding an awful lot like Cindy Sheehan. Decision '08 is having similar thoughts as well. Sadly he's actually the Senator from my state. I do apologize, I didn't vote for him this last time around.

Argghh! shares his thoughts on the Iraqi Constitution, or the lack thereof at this point. He seems to be pretty forgiving, and I tend to agree. It seems to me that taking time to create a document that you want to last for a long time seems reasonable. Meanwhile, The Armies of Liberation is a bit cranky about what seems to be going into it. I'm waiting to see the final document before I judge... and I'm also realizing that this is not something that I have to live under. However, I also would hate to find that so many died for a document that doesn't grant true freedom to everyone in that country.

Say Uncle has collected a whole host of good news items regarding eminent domain. It's about time I say... let's keep it up!

The Jawa Report did an informal survey of bloggers on both sides of the aisle regarding their formal military service, and reports his results.

Restless Mania is talking about Judge Roberts, and asks that you tell him something he doesn't already know. Alright then... I once open-mouth kissed a horse.

Piglito says that maybe we shouldn't be so quick to follow the French economic model as Paul Krugman has suggested. I don't think the French can teach us much about government or economics personally. But damn do they know how to drop a gun and waive a white flag!

The Big Cat Chronicles filled up her fisking pen, and takes on La Shawn Barber. Do people fill up pens still? I suppose they just crack their knuckles and start typing huh? Oh well... forgive a poet his metaphors.

INDC Journal is asking what is wrong with a post by Michelle Malkin on RU-486. I read that particular one and thought she was blowing things out of proportion too. I think there is a higher risk of death if you take aspirin and have certain medical conditions.

No Speed Bumps doesn't think that cheap labor is enough of a reason for illegal immigration, and I agree. I know this will be offensive, but seeing the blog topic, and the name of his blog reminded me of an old joke from my days in California. What do you call a speed bump? A Mexican stop sign! Chastise me in comments if you must, but I still think it's funny. Meanwhile, Peakah's Provocations is talking about a recent case where some illegal immigrants seem to have been awarded an Arizona ranch after the rancher lost a civil suit. I have to say this one blew my mind when I first saw it.

Don Surber recounts a rather disturbing story of a serious criminal who has gotten quite a windfall from the tax payers of West Virginia. Personally I think every penny this guy got from the jury ought to be given to the state penal system to pay for his room and board.

Tinkery Tonk voices skepticism at comparisons between terrorists and pirates, and the suggestion by some that they be tried in the ICC. Personally I don't trust the UN to fry an egg, let alone prosecute terrorists. Besides... terrorists don't wear eye patches.

Search Light Crusade takes on another blogger talking about subway searches in New York. I can honestly say that I see both sides of the 4th amendment battle having merit. I just wonder how opinions would change if bombings had happened in New York's subways this year instead of London's. Let's hope we never find out. Dan also has an interesting post on different ways of measuring things in economics if you're so inclined.

Fresh Politics has news of disturbing police action at a festival in the Czech Republic, complete with pictures. Hopefully these sorts of things aren't a portend of things to come in that country.

Technography is talking about a worthy project that could use some volunteers for those of who you who are geeks at heart.

The Politburo Diktat points to an excellent article by Mark Steyn, where among other things, he wonders why so many military volunteers are being seen as children in the eyes of the anti-war crowd. Doesn't surprise me at all. Some people want to raise the driving age, the drinking age again, and probably wouldn't mind raising the voting age. Why not this?

The Wisdom of Change is impressed with Newt Gingrich these days. I've seen him now and then on Fox News... but really he's kept his head down low of late. Personally, I figured he'd fallen pretty much the way of Dan Quayle. Maybe I was wrong.

Still with me? Excellent... I commend you my fellow hunters! We're coming down the home stretch, don't give up on me now.

Dean's World is taking on the idea that Islam as a religion precludes its followers from being democratic, or tolerant. Every religion has its fanatics... and no religion deserves to be judged purely by those fanatics. Though Islam seems to have the corner on the market right now.

Random Fate decided to mix things up a little bit and submitted two posts on nanotubes. His membership in the Raging RINOs will definitely have to be looked into. No politics? For shame! He couldn't choose which of the two were better, and I'm too tired to try as they're both very interesting, so you can check out both here and here.

As I Please is sick and tired of Bill Clinton and wishes he'd just disappear. Don't we all? Hopefully we don't have another Jimmy Carter in the making. Ken also has an interesting post about a recent trip to Starbucks at his other site. Being a caffeine addict myself, I see some pretty amusing scenes at the local Starbucks myself. All the world is a stage.

Mossback Culture is again reminding people of what actually happened in Florida in 2000. You'd think that after almost 5 years we'd have this little piece of history down wouldn't you?

Respectful Insolence has a bone to pick with Bill Frist. You'd think intelligent people would know better than to open the intelligent design pandora's box when speaking in public. It never seems to end well, no matter what you believe.

Finally, yours truly was recently looking at some questionable numbers regarding an explosion in cough syrup addicts of all things. The drug warriors must really be desperate for attention if this is the best they can come up with these days.

Well everyone, I think we've had an excellent hunt. We saw some excellent RINO specimens, but didn't seem to kill any. Never fear though, for there will be another hunt next week hosted by Kathy Herrmann over at Big Cat Chronicles. And if you still haven't gotten enough linky goodness from this hunt (and I don't see how you couldn't), be sure to check out the inagural Carnival of the Badger for excellent blogging from around the Badger State. Badger's are much more fierce than RINOs you know... hunt at your own risk.

RINO Sightings can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.



"Terrorists don't wear eye patchs"

Heh. Check out Abu Hamza al-Masri, he has everything but the parrot.

  Posted at August 22, 2005 7:12 PM by Anonymous Anonymous  
A very well thought out piece, Nick. Nicely done.

  Posted at August 23, 2005 3:17 AM by Blogger Pigilito  
Nothing wrong with being a RINO. I suspect that I'd be considered one considering that I don't agree with everything on the "official" Republican agenda. However, when it comes to things like National Security and protecting our freedom, I'm very much a Republican.

Da Goddess - at - gmail dot com

  Posted at August 27, 2005 6:53 AM by Anonymous Anonymous  
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