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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Carnival of the Badger Edition 1 

Welcome all to the 1st edition of the Carnival of the Badger, rounding up the best of the dairy state for your conspicuous consumption. Hopefully the Carnival will continue to grow, and be able to shine a light on some local blogs that perhaps you've never seen before. In honor of this occasion, I've cracked open a Leinies Red Lager from the Wisconsin North Woods, so if towards the end you see that I start to ramble... well you'll know why. So on with the tour.

Our first stop around the dairy state is The Widgerson Library & Pub. Instead of ordering a beer, you can read all about how the 2nd Congressional District's election gotten a little more interesting. All I can think of when I hear about a guy named Magnum, is that he better watch out for two Doberman Pinschers named Zeus and Apollo.

Our next stop is to an establishment owned by Lance Burri where he's asking why veto a Photo ID Bill again? I know Doyle is concerned about his mother having to get a state ID to vote... but I have to ask this question. What kind of son won't take his mother to the DMV?

Beer still cold? Excellent! What better place to stop next at the Carnival of the Badger than the Badger Blogger. Patrick has some rather disturbing news about placing sexual predators the Milwaukee area. Given that there is no such thing as a neighborhood somewhere that isn't within walking distance of children, a day care center, a school, or something that will get citizens up in arms... it sounds like life in prison is the only option that will be acceptable to people. Don't agree? Would you want a sexual predator living next to your kids? Well if you don't, how can you expect others to? Maybe we should buy an island somewhere for them.

From blogging to radio, The American Mind is talking about the competition for Milwaukee's Next Talk Star. The lovely Jessica McBride also shares her take on the same story. A liberal won (*gasp*) possibly because of a campaign by Daily Koss to get nationwide voting for a local contest. What do you expect from an internet poll? Wisconsin doesn't have it's own internet you know. Personally I think it might be good. I think we have too many people who talk only with those who have similar opinions, instead of defending their views to someone who disagrees. I say bring on the debate! Still, the spirit of the contest is pretty much obliterated.

Steve over at Letters in Bottles (not to be confused with a favorite Police hit of mine Message in a Bottle) is talking about what happens when you piss off the wrong people by banning smoking... in Madison of all places. I personally don't smoke, but also have no problem with those who do. Maybe its that I grew up around a lot of smokers. I'd probably smoke myself if it weren't for that pesky cancer thing, and the lung capacity issues it brings.

I think Lance was a little drunk too, because he actually submitted two... maybe he was just seeing double. He has more information than you could ever want on the latest report about Wisconsin property values. Growing up in California, and still having a lot of family there, I have to laugh whenever people talk about home prices here. I can now honestly say that I grew up in a million dollar home. At least that's what it's worth now, not that I'd pay that much for it, or even think it's actually worth that much. But that's California for you.

Speaking of seeing double, Jessica shares her thoughts on the latest person to throw his hat into the race to be Waukesha County Executive. Seems that they might have a Scott Walker impersonator on their hands.

Finally, yours truly was talking recently about a new proposal for the first gated community to be in Milwaukee. The best part about it, besides it cleaning up a barren parcel of land in the inner city, is that the developers are shunning public funds. Now that's how it's supposed to work.

Well that's it for this week's Carnival. I see that we were pretty political this week, and that's great. However, I'd like to encourage people to also submit posts about anything else from around the state whether it be sports, local events, concerts, you name it. And if those of you on the blue side of things saw all the red and were scared away... don't fear! You're more than welcome at the Carnival... as I said before... let's bring on the debate!

Next week will be hosted by Widgerson Library & Pub. You can still send your submissions to badgercarnival-at-gmail-dot-com, and through the magic of Gmail, they will make their way over to Jim. If you'd like to host the carnival, send me an email at schweitn-at-gmail-dot-com, and I'll add you to the growing list.

The Carnival of the Badger can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.


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