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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carnival of the Vanities is Up 

You can go to The Big Picture for the latest Carnival of the Vanities. I submitted this post about the requirement in the new Iraqi Constitution that 25% of the legislature be held by women. The Carnival mistakenly says that I agree with it. I don't agree with putting the requirement in the Constitution (and a full reading of my post should have revealed that). I do think it's important that women fully participate in the legislature. I just don't think putting the requirement in the constitution is the democratic way towards that end.

With that said, be sure to check out the rest of the carnvial for great blogging from other sites you've probably never seen or heard of.


The article says, "Don't get me wrong... I'm all for women being in the legislature. My question is, how does one enforce such a requirement in a true democracy?" My reading of that -- that you "like" (the word I used in the COTV) the clause but wonder how it will be enforced -- seems fair. Given that you note that it appears to be unenforcable, it's evident that you don't support putting it in the constitution, and that is as evident from what I said in the COTV as it is from your post. However, I'll update the COTV to reflect your comments here.

  Posted at August 24, 2005 11:50 AM by Blogger Vik Rubenfeld  
My point was that one cannot, and should not have such language in a Democracy for the reasons I list later. My question was more or a rhetorical one to point out that the only way to enforce such goals are through undemocratic means.

  Posted at August 24, 2005 11:54 AM by Blogger Nick  
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