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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Separation of Church and Electric Utilities? 

Chicago officials have turned off a light that was casting a shadow which some believed to look like Jesus:

City officials have turned off a streetlight that drew more than 250 people to see a shadow that some say resembles the image of Jesus Christ.

East Chicago Police Chief Angelo Machuca called an emergency meeting Sunday to recommend the light be turned off in the interest of public safety after nearby residents complained about blocked cars and visitors congregating until 5 a.m.

Several arrests were made Friday night after a large fight broke out in the area.

"The city respects everyone's religious beliefs, but it's getting to the point now where it's almost too dangerous" to leave the light on, said Damian Rico, the city's public relations director.

Just out of curiosity... what does it say about public safety if someone trips over something in the dark? I'm always curious about people who claim to see images of Jesus in places like shadows, water stains and moldy cheese sandwiches. How do you know what qualifies as looking like Jesus? No paintings exist from his time... and no... this doesn't count. I suppose you could go off the Shroud of Turin... but I have a strange feeling that people willing to stare at a sidewalk for hours on end probably haven't seen the shroud. Maybe I'm just being mean to the faithful. The people who claim to see images of Mary are even stranger to me because there is no Shroud of Mary, or anything equivalent.

If I don't post anything by tomorrow night... you'll know I'll have been struck down by lightning... in which case you can ignore everything I just said.


Not ignore...repeat. That way I can end up where you do and can continue to read what you post there.

And you thought you could get out of blogging just by being killed. O ye of little faith.


  Posted at July 12, 2005 11:09 PM by Blogger DreamingWolf  
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