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Monday, July 18, 2005

Drinking, Smoking, Obesity, and Now Lip Balm? 

Thank God for the public health "experts" who are saving us from ourselves. I had no idea that lip balm was such a huge problem (H/T to The Agitator):

Most people use lip balms once in a while, but for a few people, those little tubes have become an obsession.

If you notice the people around you applying and re-applying lip balm, it may not be a sign of dry lips, but of an addiction, reported WEWS-TV in Cleveland.
"It's almost involuntary, but probably 50 to 60 times a day," she said.

In case you doubt the addictive power of lip balm, it took only minutes in a crowd of people to find those who get pretty worked up about it, especially the flavored stuff, the television station reported.
"I think it could become repetitive behavior, more like habit, in same sense that some people become fixated orally with smoking, or chewing on pens," Cooper said.
Using more can create the need for more. So how do you battle this addiction?

"The best way is to gradually wean down," Cooper said. "Try to go to a couple times a day, maybe breakfast, lunch, dinner. Then try to cut one out, maybe over three to four weeks to get yourself off."

Cooper recommends the most plain, unflavored wax-type lip balm when you do need one. He said fewer chemicals are better. More serious dermatitis around the lips may need medication.

That's right... they'll be coming after big lip balm next! It's an addiction, and they're going to save you from it. And then they'll force pen manufacturers to put some sort of bad flavoring in pens to prevent you from chewing on them. Can someone please tell me when it will ever stop? What "health concern" is too small for someone to decide that they know better than you do, and should tell you what you can and can't do? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

I say instead of chastizing women for having oral fixations... and putting things in their mouths... we should be encouraging it!


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