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Monday, June 06, 2005

No Thoughts Nick? 

Come on Nick... you haven't said a word about Deep Throat. Are you saying you have no thoughts on this story?

Not really. Sure it's a classic movie... and actually kind of funny... but why would I want to talk about it necessarily?

Ummm Nick... I meant Mark Felt. The guy from the Watergate scandal.

Oh. That Deep Throat. I was... uh... talking about this movie. Which one did you think I meant?


Actually I have no real thoughts on the whole Mark Felt thing. I could care less. Watergate was pretty much before my time. Sure the media is making a big deal about it because they need an excuse to relive their glory days. They've come under a lot of fire recently with Rathergate and the whole Koran toilet deal. Time to deflect with some good old fashioned reminiscing.

Some say he was a hero. Some say he was a traitor. I don't listen to them because they only examine the motives behind his coming forward, or the results of his actions. He knew of a crime and he reported it. Was he trying to get back at Nixon? Probably. Does that mean that Nixon didn't do it? Of course not.

Watergate boils down to one simple fact. A president finally got caught doing what presidents have done for a long time, and that's it. Try looking back at JFK or LBJ through the magnifying glass of history and tell me you honestly think they didn't pull some illegal stuff too. Just try.

What amuses me most is that so many people really don't know what Watergate was. Ask the average man on the street and I bet 3 out of 10 would say a murder. I'm not excusing it mind you... just pointing out that a lot of people don't know or care.

OK, so maybe I did have some thoughts.


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