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Thursday, June 02, 2005

And They're Our Ally Huh? 

I read stuff like this and it makes me laugh every time some people talk about how we are the young country compared to all those in the Middle East, and how we have so much to learn from them:

Saudi Arabia - He just wanted his colleagues in the government's legislative arm to discuss the possibility of conducting a study into the feasibility of reversing the ban on women drivers - the only prohibition of its kind in the world.

But Consultative Council member Mohammad al-Zulfa's proposal has unleashed a storm in this conservative country where the subject of women drivers remains taboo.
Conservatives, who believe women should be shielded from strange men, say driving will allow a woman to leave home whenever she pleases and go wherever she wishes. Some say it will present her with opportunities to violate Islamic law (search ), such as exposing her eyes while driving or interacting with strange men, like police officers or mechanics.

"Driving by women leads to evil," Munir al-Shahrani wrote in a letter to the editor of the Al-Watan daily. "Can you imagine what it will be like if her car broke down? She would have to seek help from men."

If you guys think that's bad... just wait until she gets a red convertible and cuts you off on the freeway. Then you'll really be pissed. But on a more serious note, are you guys kidding me? Time to catch up with the civilized world... and right quick. The more you deny women basic rights, the more you show that you are a bunch of scared little boys with tiny little... well... you get the idea. This final part kinda puzzled me though:

Many women activists also welcomed al-Zulfa's suggestion. But others lashed out at him for using the issue to project himself as a reformer.

In a strongly worded article, Wajiha al-Huweidar said Saudi women will not allow "the intellectuals to shine and their names to glitter at our expense.

"We will not permit anyone and we have not appointed anyone to speak on our behalf," she said.

If I might make a small suggestion to you Wajiha. Don't let pride get in the way. Take any help you can get and stretch it as far as it will go. You'll have a longer road ahead then it has to be if you cast aside those who would help you.


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