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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Burden of Proof is Shifting 

The Supreme Court just screwed the individual again. This time they have ruled that New London can take property from one private owner, and give it to another private owner... simply because the city said they can use the land better. The land was not going to be used for a road, or a school, or some other publicly owned benefit. Instead the land is being given to a development firm to use for ... well who cares? Will be a shopping mall, or a hotel, or office space? The only thing the city cared about is that the tax base will be increased by this development.

What does this mean for you? It means that at any point in time, a private developer can go to the city and say that they can make better use of your land than you can. What is next? Tearing down small ranch style homes in order to build multi-million dollar mansions? The Supreme Court has now decreed that the burden of proof is on the individual to somehow prove that they deserve their land, instead of it being on the taker to prove that they absolutely need it. This is an incredibly dangerous shift. This is the most fucked up combination of socialism and capitalism that I've ever seen, and it makes me sick.

You can read more about this at VodkaPundit, The Agitator, and SCOTUSblog.

Update: And some more round up from Michelle Malkin.


This one really pisses me off too, and I think most people.

Dean who I usually agree with at Dean's world takes the other side, and gets a pretty good fisking in the comments.

  Posted at June 25, 2005 2:13 PM by Blogger Sandi  
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