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Friday, September 03, 2004

Got a New Job 

Blogging has been a little light lately, I know, because the one big thing going on for me right now is something I couldn't really blog about until today. I've been working on getting a new job for the last couple of weeks, and just gave notice yesterday at my current employer. Because some people from work actually read my blog, I didn't want to drop the bomb that way.

Anyway, I'd been in contact with this consulting company, Stratagem, since last fall when I was going through my unemployment phase. I had actually had a contingent offer from them last year, but the contingency fell through, and so it didn't work out. Well, they've been going through a hiring spurt, brought me in, reinterviewed me (which turned out to be pretty much a formality) and boom, I had an offer letter before I left.

I'm pretty damn excited. First of all, I'm back to having full benefits (finally), I'm getting better pay (who doesn't like that?), and their vacation structure rocks. Seriously, it rocks. Did I mention paid overtime even though I'll be salaried? Yeah - that too. Plus I'll be able to switch projects from time to time without switching jobs, which is great. It gives me some stability, but still the opportunity to keep things fresh, which I've discovered is something I really need in a job.

So now I'll have to go through the fun of the brain dump at my current job so that they know what I know (sort of). Then I have to go to orientation at my new job... learn the rules, find out what their sandbox is like, etc. One interesting note though, for the first time in 4 jobs, I don't have to take a drug test. Personally, I hate having to pee in a cup for every job, and don't mind not having to do it yet again (this would have been twice in one year - seriously - are you kidding me?)

Anyway, I'll have more to talk about as things move along... but at least now I can actually talk about them.


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