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Monday, June 14, 2004

Time Saving Inventions 

You see them on TV all the time... those short little infomercials depicting some "Time Saving" invention that you must have. They almost always cost $19.95 (some marketing research must have shown that this the optimum price people are willing to pay for useless products). The latest one I've seen is for something called the Fuel 'N Go (I think thats the name at least... give me a break, its a Monday morning). Its a hand crank pump that you hook up to a gasoline can (petrol can for you folks across the Atlantic) that makes it "easier" to put gas in a lawn mower, or snow blower, etc. Almost all these commercials start out the same... usually with pictures of some really useless person trying in vain to do something easy with a voice over saying something like "Does this happen to you?" Well no it doesn't. I have absolutely no issues pouring gasoline out of a spout into a hole. In fact, the Fuel 'N Go looks like it will make a very simple task much harder. Who on Earth would buy this thing? But I digress... For I have my own time saving invention that I came up with this morning on my drive to work.

I was stuck in a traffic jam this morning on the freeway. It was pretty bad. So after about 6 or 7 miles of slow downs, I finally got to see what was holding up traffic. On the other side of the freeway, now out of traffic on the shoulder are a couple of cars that were in an accident and a few sherriff's vehicles. An accident now 4 lanes away on the other side of the freeway was holding me up because people insist on slowing down (to 15 miles an hour) in order to look! So here's my invention. Between the two directions of the freeway, embedded in the wall that seperates them, put a collapsable 20 ft. high curtain that can pop up a mile on either side of an accident when it occurs so that people can't look. Imagine the time saved from less freeway congestion. It could save millions of dollars annually in lost time. I'm calling the Wisconsin DOT this afternoon with the idea. However, until they're installed, if there's an accident on the other side of the wall... DON'T LOOK!

Have a great week everyone.


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