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Friday, June 11, 2004

What Makes a Blog Topic? 

Recently I went back over my blog, looking at what I wrote, and found out something interesting. I guess its the equivalent of going back over one's diary, but since I've never kept a diary, I really can't say for sure. What I have noticed is a sort of metamorphosis. In the beginning there were lots of techy entries. That would probably be because I was reading a ton of blogs by Microsoft guys. Over time I realized that the few people who actually read my blog were more interested in the sparse political/punditry type entries I was making, so I started doing more of those. Coincidently I was reading more of those types of blogs too. However as of late I would say that I'm morphing again. More accurately I think I'm coming into my own, finding my voice, << insert other artistic type phrase here >>.

I actually have a little scrap of paper on my desk with possible blog topics. What does it mean when you're talking to someone, and either you say something or they do, and you are suddenly hit with an idea for a blog topic, and quickly jot it down? Maybe its better that I leave that particular question unanswered. I'll definitely keep posting about techy type stuff, because I am still a computer geek (geek's are still in right?). And I'll definitely keep doing some punditry (because I can't keep my mouth shut on a lot of issues). But I've definitely found it more satisfying lately to sit down with a particular topic and just start typing.

One of the more prolific (and probably eccentric) Microsoft bloggers, Matt Warren, posted recently on his method for blogging, which he Guarantees, or Your Money Back.

I'll just mark this one off my list now. Carry On.


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