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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Scourge of Commuters 

OK... this one is really bugging me. I was driving to work this morning and came up to a stop light as the second car in line. At this particular intersection, people tend to form two lines because there are a lot of people who left turn there... but I stayed in the left because the one car ahead of me didn't have his turn signal on. But of course the left "lane" his stacked with cars because the car behind me has it's turn signal on. A minute later, the light turns green, the car ahead pulls slowly into the intersection, stops, and puts on his turn signal. And now I'm screwed. I wait there as car after car to the right blows by... laughing cause some moron doesn't understand the simple concept of signaling when you're supposed to. How hard is this concept people? At that point, he might as well not have put on his turn signal at all. So I have to wait there until the light turns yellow... he waits forever to clear the intersection, and I actually get a chance to go.

These people are the scourge of good intentioned drivers everywhere. So to review, that little bar sticking out to the left of your steering wheel is a turn signal. Use it! Use it early and often!


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