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Monday, April 03, 2006

Random Facts About Me 

I see these kinds of posts on other blogs every now and then, and I actually enjoy them. Beyond all the political tripe, it's kind of fun to find out little worthless bits of trivia about people.

I hate my middle name. I'm actually named after a great grandfather I never knew. While I understand he was a wonderful person (thus the great)... I still hate our middle name. In fact, my name was decided long before I was even a twinkle in my parent's eyes. Their first born son was going to get my name, no matter what. I'm also the youngest of four children... which just goes to show that some people will stop at nothing to have a son. You'll notice how I haven't mentioned the name yet. It's actually a closely guarded secret. I hate it so much, I don't even like telling people what it is.

I have memorized the lyrics to a lot of Neil Diamond songs. It's not because I was the member of a Neil Diamond cover band either. This fact I can blame squarely on my mother, who absolutely loves Neil Diamond, and who basically only played his tapes in her car when I was growing up. Love him or hate him... if you hear Forever in Blue Jeans enough times as a kid, it'll sink in.

My right foot is about half an inch longer than my left. Did you know that you can't go into a shoe store, and ask for a 12 1/2 right shoe, and a 12 left shoe? Actually... just finding half shoe sizes above 11 is a pain, which is why I sometimes end up buying 13's, depending on the brand. This problem only really gets to me when I buy running shoes like I did this weekend, because I want a closer fit so my arch is supported properly. Luckily Nike Air Motto's in a 12 are a perfect fit. Seriously, they might as well be glass slippers. Well... except for the the fact that you wouldn't want to run in glass, and well... I'm definitely not a Princess.


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