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Friday, October 07, 2005

Conspiracy Theory For the Day 

Or if you will... "How the Liberal Media Wants People in Red States to Die". How else do you explain the media's current choice of front page news stories? Right now, the big story is a terrorist scare in the New York City subway:

Police briefly sealed off part of Pennsylvania Station Friday when a soda can oozing a green liquid sparked a scare a day after officials warned of a possible attack on the city's subway system.

Less than two hours after the scare began, the station was back to normal.

"It was a soda can with a green liquid bubbling out, but it doesn't seem to be anything," one Amtrak police officer on the scene told reporters. The officer said the liquid was caustic.
Meantime, city commuters headed to work Friday under the watchful eyes of police after the threat raised the specter of an attack with explosives concealed in a baby stroller.
Officials in New York revealed the threat Thursday, saying an FBI source warned that terrorists had plotted to bomb the subway in coming days. But Homeland Security officials in Washington downplayed the threat, saying it's of "doubtful credibility."

Latest updates can be found at Michelle Malkin.

However, the main stream media still isn't covering the fact that an actual suicide bomber attacked a football game in Oklahoma last weekend. In fact, searching Google News reveals the top news sources right now are blogs. The only mainstream media coverage is from several days ago, and are sticking with the, "a man decided to kill only himself with a bomb" story.

Things are still unclear, but the information we have so far is that:
What really seemed to have happened is that we were insanely lucky, and the guy was too stupid to know how to operate his own bomb, and blew himself up before he was able to hurt anyone else.

So on the one hand we have a potential terrorist attack which amounted to nothing in a blue state, and an actual terrorist attack being ignored in a red state. Not that I want to be considered a member of the tinfoil hat brigade... but what is going on here? Someone give me another reason for this strange lack of news coverage, please.


You are joking right? The reason it is not reported it because you "Red"necks are blowing yourselves up! We "Blue"bloods figure it just the way you let of steam. I mean come on McViegh, Nichols, Hirichs not one "Ayrab" in the bunch. As for the mosque we all know how you love your religion... especially the violent parts.

  Posted at October 10, 2005 12:32 PM by Blogger Shannon McCoy  
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