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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is That Honestly What This Is All About? 

The question that is asked almost immediately after a serious terrorist attack seems to always be, "Why Do They Hate Us?" It's a very American question actually. Very egocentric, narcissistic, totally revolving on us. What did we do to cause this catastrophe? After all, in the grand scheme of things, the only thing you have control over is you. So asking whether there is something you did to cause something else is natural. Of course that doesn't mean that there is a causality link in reality.

I think in this regard, the better question to ask is "Why Are They Willing To Die?" Some might argue that it's the same question worded differently. I whole heartedly disagree. Those who say they're the same question are making the assumption that something we did caused them to hate us enough to warrant the ultimate sacrifice among the suicide bombers. What if it has nothing to do with us at all? It's stuff like this that worries me (H/T to LGF):

There was another side to the men, who began holding prayer meetings in Curtis House. It is not known whether either man visited local mosques, but some reports linked Said Ibrahim with mosques in Finsbury Park and Brixton.

Kausor, 23, an Asian man who said the pair had recently persuaded him to become more devout, said: "They were devout Muslims. They prayed five times a day. We talked about Islam and current issues. We talked about the Ummah [Muslim brotherhood] and how it was being attacked."

Said Ibrahim was also reported to have grown a beard and to have begun wearing traditional dress. A neighbour of Ibrahim, Sarah Scott, age 23, who lives two doors down from the Stanmore home Ibrahim used to live with his parents, described a conversation they had last November. "We were standing outside our houses chatting. He asked me if I was religious and I said I did not believe in anything. He said I should. He told me he was going to get 80 virgins when he got to heaven if he praised Allah."

Please Dear God tell me that this is not all about trying to get laid. Please don't tell me that thousands have died just because a few morons thought they would get some virgins... and ended up getting raisins instead.


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