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Monday, July 26, 2004

Don't Piss Off Lance 

He did it. Lance Armstrong did what no other cyclist in Tour history has done, and that's win six in a row. Not only did he do it, he did it resoundingly, beating his nearest competitor by more than six minutes. Not too bad eh? More than that though, he did it with a lot of class. A lot of spectators on the other hand don't have any class, which is a big mistake with Lance Armstrong.

If you follow cycling at all, you know that Lance is under a lot of pressure all the time. He has a lot of obligations to sponsors, to his foundation, and just in general because he is famous. Not only that, but he has to keep up an incredibly disciplined training regiment. A lot of other cyclists (Jan Ulrich for instance) can't handle both, and tend to show it in public. Lance doesn't. Every interview you see he is humble, shows grace under pressure, and just comes off as the nicest guy in the world.

But during this year's Tour, he had a lot more to deal with. A French media crew broke into his hotel room looking for doping stuff. French and German spectators spat on him at various times during the race, not to mention the fact that they were constantly in the middle of the road until the very last second for practically everyone, especially Lance. Did Lance spit back? No. Did he yell in a tirade? Nope (though Jan Ulrich pushed them out of the way at several points).

I watched the Lance Chronicles on OLN last night to see his response. He granted an American crew access to his hotel room (something he's never done before), even showing them his vitamins saying "Don't let the French media see this". And when the German spectators spat on him... he beat two German cyclists during a stage he wasn't planning on winning. During the interview he said after they spat, I wasn't going to let them win. You beat him up in public, he beats you on the course. That's class.


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