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Friday, April 28, 2006

The McBride Flip Flop 

I'm sorry... but could Jessica McBride be any more transparent? Today we see the following small post on her blog:

From a thorough and balanced story by the Journal Sentinel's Stacy Forster about Van Hollen's claims that terrorists are training in Wisconsin:

The FBI's (Mike) Johnson said Van Hollen's comment about the FBI was "completely inappropriate" because Van Hollen doesn't speak for the agency.

And just a few days ago she was all over Stacy like white on rice for her "twisting statistics in favor of Lautenschlager", which I blogged about here. Now arguably, this story today also helps Peg as much as it helps McBride's husband. But isn't it interesting how all of a sudden a reporter is "fair and balanced" if it also helps her man.


Jess does look the tiniest bit like a young Tammy Wynette, doesn't she?

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